Saturday, December 20, 2008

Website and More

Website is up and running, although it might be shut down soon because the semester is over, so take a look while you still can!
note: If you're using Internet Explorer, the video won't run. Anything else should be fine.

Tomorrow I have a 7am train to NJ/NYC, going to see a show with Kristi, then possibly home.
Today I went to an abandoned haunted mental hospital.
I have so much stuff to do before tomorrow morning.


Devan said...

abandoned haunted mental hospital!?!??! I am SOOOOO jealous.

my word is tooffi.

say it out loud. I dare you not to laugh.

Devan said...

hhahahaha i love you

Devan said...

a tie dye peace sign with a banner that says, "all's fair in love and peace" on my hip.
next thursday.
i'm so excited!!!

(word: ammulta. sounds like dessert?)