Monday, December 1, 2008

First Blog

It's 11:11 and I decided to make a blog...something else to do while I'm avoiding homework.
There are about two and a half weeks left of classes in the first semester of my first year in college right about now and it's gone by so fast. I can't believe it's almost over, I feel like I have made a new life for myself and I can't even imagine going back to how things were at home. I am so happy with who I am living on my own, having my own apartment, creating a schedule for myself and doing all of my projects without anyone telling me to or not.
I'll be going back for my second semester that's for sure, but I have no idea what's going on next year at this point. It seems like it's a little bit out of my control. In the beginning of the year it was a comfort to me knowing that I could transfer if things didn't work out the way I wanted them to, I don't think I actually expected to transfer though. Once I told my mom my idea though of possibly transferring if things didn't get better, she confided in me about the money woes my family has been having and now I feel a sort of responsibility to my family to transfer schools, but I don't think I want to anymore. It's hard for me to tell what I want anymore though because it seems like the decision is going to be made without much consideration for what I want.
Here at MICA I have such a close group of friends now. We make a family and we do everything together and tell each other almost everything. We've been through a lot in the three months we've known each other and I can't imagine starting over AGAIN to make a newer group of friends next year. But at the same time, it's about my education and I can probably get a similar education at any top art school in the country so if I get in somewhere else and it'll be cheaper for my parents, would it be selfish of me to not want to go? Carla probably isn't going to come back next year either. It seems like our little family is falling apart.

In other news, last week I went to NYC to see Kristi and Stephen and then Virginia with the fam. NY is always fun with my best friend, but this time was kind of a disappointment. My reason for going was to visit schools, particularly The Cooper Union and Pratt, but I also wanted to see Kristi and Stephen. Also my friend Becca was going to come with me to visit her friend at Pratt so I figured that would give me a chance to talk to someone that goes there and see what it's really like. Becca decided she needed to spend the weekend doing homework, so I left Friday night by myself, went to some party with Kristi and had a fun time, then left around 1am to go to Stephen's. The next day couple days I spent being terribly sick at Kristi's, didn't see Stephen again and didn't get a chance to see the schools I wanted to because I couldn't even get out of bed. All in all it was pretty shitty, but I did get some good facepaint out of it.
I was especially disappointed because I knew the next few days I would be spending forced family time in Virginia which always ends with each person wanting to kill everyone else. This year, though, I actually enjoyed the time I spent with my family. We played games, watched movies together and all in all enjoyed each other's company. I am so happy it went so well. I love my family and I think it's such a shame that we all end up hating each other after being forced to spend a few days in a house together without seeing friends or anything. The food was good for Thanksgiving and we only left with a handful of arguments, all of which were settled.

Also, I told Devan to make a blog too, so if you are reading this you should read hers as well

These should improve the more I write,


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