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Kaye Donachie

Willem De Kooning

Yves Klein

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3 months later...

tongue piercing, two weeks left of school, very lost

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It's incredibly interesting. I started out the book with complete sympathy for the narrator. He speaks of his first love, who, before they were able to fully quench their thirst for each other, died four months after the summer they spent together. Because of this he has never gotten over her and as he grows he is still attracted to girls of the same age group as his first love.
As he grows older, he falls in love with a girl of about 12 years. I became so attached to the narrator that along the way I was rooting for him, so to speak, to get with the girl already. the suspense was built up so much, I just wanted it to happen, and then I had to remind myself that this girl is 12 and he is a man somewhere around 30, i'm guessing. It's a very very strange feeling, but I could not put the book down.
The narrator is in such an unusual place. He knows he should not love this girl. He knows it's disgusting for a man of his age, yet he's absolutely in love.
It's actually very sad.
I almost want to hate myself for loving him.
I'm about half way through.

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Ink (A favorite Medium)

Waltzing With the Open Sea
22" x 26"

What was Golden Was Grey
36" x 48"

Your Skin is Something That I Stir Into My Tea
36"x 48"


Critical Inquiry - Friday (9am-11:45am)
Teacher - Tracy Wallace
Required Reading - The Best American Non-Required Reading, Critical Theory Today

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Beyond Good and Evil - Nietzche

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