Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Midnight Hair Removal Adventures

I really really really should be drawing considering class is at four and we have an in-progress crit., but hopefully the nude model will distract the teacher from our work and we won't reallllly have a crit....! Monday our model was a woman named Tina, who was probably in her 40's or 50's and she comes in wearing a robe (normal), but my teacher is talking to us and not to her at all so you can tell she's confused as to when to take off her robe because he hasn't told her what to do yet, so she doesn't want to just stand around the room naked, not posing. So here's Tina in the middle of this circle with all of us staring at her, half taking off her robe, then putting it back on, then starting to take it off again, all the while my teacher, Sam, has his back to her, not noticing this happening, talking to us. So every time he sounds like he's going to stop talking, she starts to undress, but then he just keeps talking again. This is going on for a good ten minutes or so and then finally to make things more awkward for them, funny for me, he turns to Tina, she rips off her robe, thinking he's going to give her a pose, and he asks what her name is and starts to make small talk. And I'm just standing there the whole time like "wow, imagine stripping down in front of a stranger and the first thing they ask you is your name, how you are, etc." I don't know, maybe she's used to it, but personally I thought it was one of those extremely awkward, but so funny encounters that I long for on a daily basis. The next thought of mine during this strange encounter was that this woman is in her mid 40's to early 50's and has no pubic hair. none. Completely shaved. I mean, I don't see that many naked middle aged women, I just thought by the time you get to that point in your life, you wouldn't give a shit. Apparently Tina does, though, I misjudged her.
So this is me avoiding my drawing project.
My elements project is so much fun, I really just want to work on that-throwing ink and water at 3 foot pieces of paper while listening to Elliott Smith. But if I work on that I won't work on my drawing, but right now I'm not working on either one...bad Shana.

we went to 24 hour Rite Aid to buy body wax. okay, I really need to start this story earlier than last night. So Lauren was in the hospital like two months ago because her appendix burst...sad. So she had to get surgery and they shaved her stomach where they were going to operate, like in the game, but when the hair grew back it was darker and she was like what the hell guys, my stomach. So last night we were bored at like 11:30pm ISH and decided to go to 24 hour rite aid to buy body wax to erase Lauren's newly grown happy trail. We decided to get bikini wax because it was cheaper, and we assumed would do the same thing so here are a group of girls holding one box of bikini wax, probably making really awkward conversation about it and this boy in front of us starts talking to us. Basically I ended up holding his spaghetti for him and having a long (not so long, but I like to think it was long) conversation about seasoning spaghetti, how good spaghetti is, and how it tastes better with beer (he threw that part in which led me to believe he was offering me beer which lead me to believe he wanted to get me drunk and make sweet sweet love to me). I also somehow thought he offered us a ride home, but he walked there so that was also misinterpreted. Moral of the story: Art school and lack of guys makes us read so much more into every interaction with a male. For anyone (meaning Devan) who watches Gossip Girl, he looked like Aaron Rose, I know, I know. So back to the body waxing. After successfully burning all of our fingers trying to test the temperature of the wax, we eventually removed Lauren's happy trail, but still had a whole thing of wax left, so what better to do than remove patches of hair from shana's hairy legs? Not only do I have squares of hair removed from my left shin, but I also now am the proud owner of a heart shaped hairless patch of upper left thigh! Be jealous.

Shana is now selling haircuts, scarves, and hats, btw.
All of which are custom made, with love.
This is Lauren, before and after. haha, maybe this is a bad representation of her new haircut, but trust me, it looks good.
For now, that is all.


Anonymous said...

yea wow that's a horribly interesting tale of someone naked being around people who aren't. this would make a great social experiment. and body hair is an interesting aspect of modeling... personally i have lots of that and i wonder if it's more professional to be natural or possibly depending on what art your making if it matters to trim/shave/wax so that the human skin is more visible.

i would fucking love a hat to match the scarf you made me. i'll pay what you want within reason.

i agree with what you're saying regarding misreading the opposite sex. it's difficult to tell though if you are actually misreading something or if he didn't have enough courage to make the call for action to drink you up and make super sweet lovings. who knows

<# = waffle heart

Devan said...

Soo...I would feel really awkward making small talk with a college professor while naked. Just wanna throw that out there.

And Aaron beautiful.
Hah I want to meet cute boys trying to seduce me in Rite-Aid.

We need to corrupt non-bloggers into making blogs.


(that came up devna at first, and I kind of like that more than my real name. I'm also weird though so that might just be me haha)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

well yea i guess i meant that i think i'm extroverted. i fed my friends last night with steak and potatoes that chad cooked. i'm pretty much the best friend ever.

oh and i'm glad you invited me to join your blog group. it's very therapeutic.