Saturday, December 6, 2008

In Progress (work weekend)

1. Attempted to go to an interview at 7 Eleven, but got there too late, which is really disappointing because I really want to work there
2. Hospital hasn't called me back, but I applied to be a full time third assistant chef! And also one of those people that deliver food to the rooms.
3. Possibly will apply to On The Hill, cute little overpriced cafe across the street.
4. AMC says they're not hiring, even though they emailed Kelly and said they would hire me...I thought.


Two of four in a series. The one on the left needs to get darker, the one on the right is close to being done, but not there are a few things that are bothering me about it. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
Each one is done to depict a different mood. They're done to different music in different settings, and with different techniques.
Left is anger Right is relaxation. Two to come are depression and happiness.
Anger has been done to Against Me! and Animal Collective hung on a wall with me throwing ink at it from across the room with a dark wash over the whole thing.
Relaxation was first done to Elliott Smith, Devendra Banhart, and Kaki King on the floor of my living room.
They're not how I thought they would turn out and I don't know if they're working, but they're so much fun to work on. Each one is 3 ft.
So again, any feedback, much appreciated because this is basically what I'm working on this weekend, with intervals of my drawing project. Maybe I'll post some of those, too.


Devan said...

Excellent artwork, once again, miss Shana.

Drugs are fun. Too bad they're for neccesity at the moment.

I cannot wait to see you either!! Fun times shall ensue.

Devan said...

I've taken many, many painkillers myself, and it's pretty much the same effect, but there's no terrible comedown like there is with oxy when you're not used to it, and you feel kinda loopy until you pass out (it's an instantaneous sleep, like one second you're in a full conversation and the next you're drooling on your pillow haha) and then I still felt a a while today, so I dunno.

And as for finals, I have three English classes and I had to write final papers for them, but they were all during class. My geology final isn't cumulative and he drops the lowest test score, so technically I don't have to go. Since I have an 85 in that class already and the final is a half hour before my math, I'm not going. Math is seriously going to kick me in the ass and rape it.

Anonymous said...

i see how the anger one is more aggressive because it really stands strong and bold. the relaxed one seems like it's more stress free and whimsical or dancing. i like how the angry image has a very thick outline guiding it's body while the relaxed one has a very dark inside leading it's body. they seem like polar opposites indeed but the figure to the right doesn't seem as relaxed as it is carefree. maybe that's just hte residue of alchohol in my system. i find myself looking at both as though they are 10 story high giants. larger than life you know?

the word verification today is Frednect and i think it sounds wonderful.

i'm biased right now because you're the best friend i have. you've really made my birthday. you made me genuinely happy. anyway i think.

i guess the one on the right has a left hip that protrudes more than it's left leg when the right leg should be more forward because it's ahead of hte left. idk i'm not an artist and you've made amazing things before that i couldn't have fathomed.

stay beautiful alright?