Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shana, the Chipmunk

I am now four less teeth.
More fun than anyone told me it would be.
The doctor goes "hey what school do you go to?"
And I reply, and the next thing I remember is stumbling into a bed.
And the next thing I remember is hearing my dad's voice.
And the next thing I remember is getting written prescription for painkillers.
The Novocaine hasn't worn off yet, so i'm not in any pain, I just look like a chipmunk, which you can see for yourself. OH! And I got a free t-shirt out of it! Sweet Deal, right?


Devan said...

Soo you're comment made me feel like 5439574987538 times better than I did before reading it. Thank you, darling.

I'm really glad we made blogs. There's nobody up here that I can really talk to because...nobody knows me like my friends at home. It feels good to be able to have someone to connect to. =]

And I must say, you are a lovely chipmunk. I would tap that ;)

When are you home for break? I need me some Shana-lovin'.

Devan said...

haha geekent is a pretty excellent word.
I'm sorry that you can't eat much.
I'll make sure to eat two extra large helpings at dinner and think of you while doing so =]
Across the Universe reminds me of so many good times at home! I want to watch it now haha...and I just might..

(my word is slybene!)

Anonymous said...

you make an adorable woodlin creature. it's difficult to recognize you though. at least your headaches are gone though right?

Anonymous said...

wait how did that prior post equal penis?

this is a bit of a delayed response.