Monday, December 15, 2008

End of Semester Portfolio Highlights

Drawing I

female figure, charcoal

backlit jar, charcoal

male figure, charcoal

paper composition, charcoal

backlit sled through fabric, charcoal

chair, charcoal

mexican skeleton, charcoal

Painting I (there is more, but i haven't photographed anything else yet)

self portrait oil sketches

complicated still life, oil

better picture of self portrait, oil

All of this (and more) will be on my portfolio website which is my final project for EMAC meaning it will be up and running by Thursday at 4pm.


Devan said...

Shana, I've said it before (I think) and I'll say it again:

you're a beast.

Devan said...

that's what i thought while listening to the song.

oh my god! i want to come!! when are we going??

sincerely yours,

Anonymous said...

i love the spot under the male figures knee and his right shoulder. i love the jar.

i love the "backlit sled through fabric, charcoal". i don't know exactly what it is i'm looking at...but it's stunning and i want it in my brains!

i liked other things like the skeletons pelvis and the bending paper in the paper composition but i don't want to babble on.

wow i forgot about the last two. the red fabric looks like it's turning into a pool of bright blood. i'm still infatuated with that self portrait of yourself, i think it looks fantastic in so much color.

job well done. word verification is "guessive". cute i think