Tuesday, December 2, 2008

to do list for Tuesday 12/2 (no class):

Buy Supplies

18x24 paper
2 more pcs. 3ft. watercolor paper

Final Project for Drawing I

1.series of family portraits (18x24) concentrating on hands
-studies of hands
-at least begin finals on 18x24
2.work on old drawings if there's time
3.finish 1 landscape and 1 perspective drawing

Final Project for Painting I
1.self portrait in the style of edward munch
-settle on drawing
2.indirect painting
-add another layer of glazes
3.finish 18x24 self portrait
4.work on old paintings if there's time

Final Project for Elements
a series of four ink/watercolor drawings each to represent an opposing emotion (3ft. each)
-some more detailed ink drawings on them
-cover areas with water to be darker

Art History Paper
-get to library and check out books!
-start writing whatever you can

At some point, hopefully, eating and showering will be involved.

I really should be writing my art history paper, since i've put it off so long and it's due this Friday, but honestly it's probably not going to happen since i'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled Thursday and I already emailed my teacher that I probably won't be in class and she didn't mention anything about emailing her my paper this week. I should do it though, really....
Same with my elements project, but I really do want to do that one, I like ink drawings, it's just a lot of money for the paper, and I need to rent out a studio again, but I can't do that until Sunday and I have elements on Friday.
I've just discovered Jango and I'm in love with it.
Last night we had a nude model in painting...finally.
I came home at 10 and was used for a video Gemma is doing.
I keep getting really terrible headaches, like ones where I can't move or do anything but curl in a ball in a corner somewhere and cry. Tylenol doesn't do anything either. I'm hoping they're being caused by my wisdom teeth, meaning they should go away by the end of the week. The pain always starts in my mouth, but it's not near my wisdom teeth, it's near the front, but I don't know anything about how that works, so I'm trusting the doctor on this one.
It just sucks so bad though, it's almost every night now I get them, and everyone's always over having a good time and I just have to go hide in my room, there's nothing I can do.
On top of that my throat is killing me, and I can barely speak today. I wonder if they're related, but I doubt it.
Our apartment is basically falling apart, too. The kitchen sink had been clogged, our shower was backed up, our kitchen sink got clogged up and wouldn't drain, and yesterday our toilet overflowed.
Ending with some art
I found these two pieces on my computer, done probably a year apart.


Devan said...

Dear Shana,
Your artwork never ceases to amaze me. One day you better be famous.
I'm glad we're blog buddies too. Reading your (two) posts has already become the highlight of my day.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad we have similar feelings about family. it's comforting to know i'm not the only one who isn't great friends with family members.

i love the second eye that has such a spectrum of colors that it makes me want to fall into it. however the first eye has so many natural human colors that normally make humans look beaten or rotted but it reminds me more of a beautiful cartoon version of an eye from the cartoon Flapjack.

i was thinking of modeling nude, i'm not sure if i'm comfortable to make money naked yet

Anonymous said...

p.s. i hope your teeth pulling goes well and i love your art work